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Jessie Reyez - FOREVER [with 6LACK] (Official Visualizer)


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Credit: Regan Brunsvold for JPA Creative

#JessieReyez #FOREVER

that means you love me 
I can give you what you ask for 
Say you need a shooter 
I can do it from the half court 
I can change your life up
painting murals on your passport (Louie)
Future kids all on the dashboard 
I like every flaw I see in ya
This is all new
But I hope I got what you need too 
(I hope I got what you need)

Cause sometimes somebody loves somebody 
But that body don’t love ‘em back 
And its easy to say that you didn’t know
You didn’t know what you had 
But you don’t 
You’re educated 
But you know 
that they don’t make em 
like me 
any more
So you pull me in close 
and say 

(I think you should put your bag down you should never leave)
Baby you should stay forever  
(I think you should put your bag down you should never leave)
Baby you should stay forever  
Forever ah ah ah x4

Passwords passports 
Imma have to treat you like a landlord 
I want you to stay 
stay the moment 
Got to put it on cam-cord
She’s an all star porn star 
throw it up and catch it off the back board
Im give you everything that you ever asked for 
Like you kick down the door on some task force shit 
Credit card numbers four digit pin social security 
You could be happy you should be happy 
Long as you here with me 
They could never give get between us 
Said we would never ever leave us 
That was a while ago 

Now I don’t want to feel robotic 
Take my heart don’t give it back 
I done picked up the slack gave all the facts
Paid attention to the arch in your back 
Made art in the car 
In the back seats
I pray that you stay from my first day to my last week if you ask me


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