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Dax - "Dear Alcohol" (MEGA REMIX) [ft. RVSHVD, Phix, Erv Ello, Thagreatwhite, Skydxddy, AK & MORE]

Like, Comment, Share, and let's make an IMPACT with music made FOR THE PEOPLE, spread BY THE PEOPLE...can't wait to read what you all think about this ensemble of amazing talent. "Dear Alcohol" is making an IMPACT and its my pleasure to have all these amazing artists on this MEGA REMIX! PLEASE COMMENT which VERSES are you're favorite in the COMMENT SECTION...

"Dear Alcohol" Official Video:

Click here to Listen:


2. ThaGreatWhite:
4. KC Makes Music:
5. Phix:
6. Mykesty:
7. Carly Pearl:
8. Ben Becker:
9. Skydxddy:
10. Trippz Michaud:
11. Common Tribe:
12. Kaveman Brown:
13. Gringo Tha MC:
14. Quez:
15. AK:
16. Kingery:
17.Hailey Dayton:
18. TROY:
19. Couchlock Studios:
20. Landrose:
21. Brutha Rick:
22. Elias Burbick:
23. Xowie:
24. JED:
25. Muzi Mbuyane:

#DearAlcohol #dax #sober #alcohol #daxopenversechallenge #alcoholism

If you made it this deep you're a real one. Thank you for continuing to allow me to use my platform to make an impact. Your support is appreciated more than you'll ever know and I will continue to prove that with my actions. I'm very excited. 2022 is going to bring our best and most impactful work and its just getting STARTED. I am putting everything into creating pieces we can all be proud of. We are the label! Like, comment, share and let's continue to be the change we wish to see in the world.


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