Luke Bar$ - Flawless (Official Music Video)

Luke Bar$
Produced By- JiKay & AzizTheShake
Directed By - Andrew Regis & Lost Matters

Lyrics :
Woke up bih
Im feeling nice
Bad lil bitch made he spend the night
She’ll never leave me
Because i fuck her right
And shorty know that my money high
Man in my city
Dont nobody try me
Everybody haters so we in and out
Bitch I love money
Cant simmer down
Everybody talk
What you talking
Im the type of lil nigga to knock your noggin out
Me and them niggas keep falling out
Hand to the sky who solid now?
Imma talk my shit til im up in a box
Im from the dirt so they throwing them rocks
Come on lil baby just give me the mop
Do what you do imma give you what you want
Baddies love Lukiz they know im sauvougn
I do that shit boy i dont gotta talk
Man in my city got that shit on lock
Talk to the mayor bitch i do what i want
Dont bite my tongue
Bitch i talk how i talk
I got 2 whips
And that 1 for the floss
My niggas saying thats just who you are
Baddies love Lukee like Pep Le Pew
Im with the steppers we stepping on yall

Aint nobody fly like this
Get high like this
Yeah style like this yeah X4

woah kemosabe
Ballin is my hobby
Meet me in my lobby
Suck me up
Just do it sloopy
Drink too much my vision foggy
See these niggas with closed eye lids
Call up dupes lets hit the island
Hoe you know i keep it honest
If you need me then i got it
Never selfish with my wallet
I break bread up with my partners
I gave hunnids to my mama
And that nigga did me dirty
Think about him at deposits
Laughin at him just like haha
You aint preaching what you promised
Niggas actin way too greasy
Make that shit Look easy
Bitches call me eazy e
Scammin out this bitch like ppp
Bitch i came from ebt
Seen them fiends with angel wings
Numb to this shit see it everyday
Body call my phone like everyday
Know i feel guilty like everyday
Gotta get the money
Gotta make a play
Wake up every morning so i cant complain
Hand to the sky gotta give my praise
Wire just hit think i got a raise
Mama call my phone said she want a range
Gotta get the money boy i can not wait
Talk that shit til a nigga paid

Aint nobody fly like this
Get high like this
Yeah style like this yeah X4

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