Built with a crystalline orchestra that holds you steady & unwavering in authenticity love and grace

The Alive and Well Gratitude Mantra is built with a crystalline orchestra that holds you steady and unwavering in authenticity, love and grace. It is built on the shimmering sounds of the root chakra, the solar plexus chakra, the throat chakra (and chakra 8 your life purpose chakra 2 feet above your crown).

The octave of C grounds you at the root chakra and connects you to the light that you are, at your life purpose chakra - just above your crown.

Rose quartz anchors you in self love and kindness and the abalone platinum brings fluidity, flow and balance.

The E note activates your solar plexus - your strength of will, self esteem and courage.

The G note activates your throat chakra - your ability to speak and receive the truth with ease and loving authentic presence.

The Tigers Eye and the Andara make another shimmering binaural beat that energizes a fierce and potent love.”

- Jeralyn Glass of @CrystalCadence

*crystal alchemy sound bowls used:

C +20 (Abalone Mother of Platinum)
C -20 (Rose)
C -5 (Great Salt Lake Salt, Green Goddess)
G -20 (Tiger’s Eyes)
G +5 (Andara Platinum)
E0 (Terrasact Salt Smokey Quartz)


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