Esham | "Repentance" (2003) Review | Hatchet Chat

Join MC Snax on Hatchet Chat as he delivers a passionate review of Esham's album "Repentance." Released in 2003, this album marked a significant moment in Esham's career as it was his first release on Psychopathic Records. MC Snax commends Esham for his lyrical prowess and the album's overall sound, which showcases a departure from his previous Satanic themes.

"Repentance" aims to set the record straight and redefine Esham's artistic identity, leaving behind his "Unholy" stage persona. MC Snax highlights standout tracks such as the infectious "Woo Woo Woo Woo" and the collaboration with Bone Thugs-n-Harmony on "Pay." He praises Esham's confidence as an artist and his ability to deliver some of the best music of his career. Don't miss MC Snax's insightful analysis of Esham's "Repentance" on this episode of Hatchet Chat.

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Esham | "Repentance" (2003) Review | Hatchet Chat
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