Surviving a close encounter: Meeting a grizzly bear in the woods!

Boo, an orphaned grizzly bear living at the Grizzly Bear Refuge in Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, British Columbia, has a remarkable tale of resilience. After losing his mother to poaching at five months old, Boo and his brother Cari faced potential euthanasia as bear rehabilitation wasn't allowed then. Fortunately, the refuge provided them sanctuary, but Boo's brother did not survive past their first winter. Boo, now habituated to humans, cannot return to the wild, but his 20-year stay in the world's largest grizzly enclosure has offered vital insights into bear behavior.

These observations have significantly aided rewilding efforts for other orphaned grizzlies. His 20-acre habitat, simulating a natural environment, enables him to display innate behaviors like foraging and hibernation, enriching our understanding of grizzlies and supporting conservation efforts.


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