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Thalia - I Found Your Love (Gracias A Dios) - (Official Audio)

Thalia - I Found Your Love (Gracias A Dios) - (Official Audio)

Nandito Ako (I Am Here/Estoy Aqui) is the fifth studio album by Thalia, released on January 28 1997, by EMI Latin and OctoArts EMI. The album was released exclusively in the Philippines, where she gained a huge fan base after the success of the soap opera Marimar in the country. Records indicate that Thalia is the most Latin successful actress and singer of all time. Nandito Ako was a success in the Philippines and received three times platinum award there, making it's one of the best-selling albums in the Philippines of all time. Ten years later, it was re-released in the Philippines with the inclusion of one of her signature songs "Marimar".

The album is sung half in English and half in Tagalog. Ricky R. Ilacad is its executive producer. Due to Thalia's success in the Philippines, this album was released in 1997 in that country and other Asian countries, under the label OctoArts EMI. This was the first time Thalia sang in English and Tagalog. With this album, Thalia became the first and only Latin artist with an album recorded primarily in Tagalog. It also features five songs from Thalia's fourth studio album, En Extasis (1995), four of which were translated from Spanish; "María la del Barrio" & "Juana" was translated into Tagalog, while "Quiero Hacerte El Amor" and "Gracias a Dios" were translated into English. "Amándote" retained its Spanish lyrics, but was remixed. She also made her own covers of the songs "Tell Me" (originally performed by Joey Albert), "Hey, It's Me" (originally by Jamie Rivera), and "El Venao" (originally by the Dominican Icon Ramon Orlando). Some of the tracks that were previously released in Latin America and re-recorded for this album still retain some of the Spanish lyrics and backing vocals (except for "El Venao"/"Chika Lang" which has a new instrumental and backing vocals in Tagalog). The album, composed of ten tracks, includes her first single "Nandito Ako" which was recorded after her massive concert in the Philippines.

Album: Nandito Ako
Song: I Found Your Love (Gracias A Dios)
Songwriters: Juan Gabriel; English version: Alfred Matheus and Joel Duma
Producers: Oscar Lopez, Emilio Estefan Jr., Kike Santander and Juan Zambrano
Executive Producer: Ricky Ilacad
Universal Music Group
Released: 1997

Edition: Lucas Cannito
Video Coordinator: Ranphys Ortiz
Video Support: Flavia Tropia

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