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And Also The Trees - Mermen of the Lea

An owl hoots. The moon
Searches from the sky
Pierced with its sister stars
And the mermen of the lea
Sing their silken song to me
Curling down the dark wind
In green lane

Calling me back
To the blissed black lonely field seas...
Oh let me swim with you this night alone
The mermen of the lea
Oh sing your silken song to me

Far from the lantern swaying
Summer dusk, your seaweed breath
Screams brine out of the bay
Your reaching arms and eyes
Caress and leave the sleeping
Like horses leap the narrow thistled fields

Oh mermen of the lea
Sing your silken song to me...
As your far off seas careen the ships
Oh mermen of the lea
Curling the black winds through the trees