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Chris Wright - Everything is Backwards

All the time I spent on this should have gone straight out to you
Why the hell I even try, why'd I fall in love with you
Fall in love with you
Fall in love
Fall in love
Fall in love with you

You'll never know me like I know myself
But then again I never knew myself
I stumbled onto banisters to drink from off a higher shelf
Cymbals ringing hit it with my head I think I need your help
I'm all alone eating off this three-piece chicken meal
High enough to think i'm in a weed leaf picking fields
If everything was backwards then maybe we'd be kicking still
If I roll this backwoods would I still even fucking feel
Who are you tell me what's been in my bones
You think you seeing through me, I'm just trynna hold my own
See the rain drops falling on my front porch poem
You ask if i'm really so happy what have my songs shown
And I think maybe you're right, I've been counting off the calendars
Measuring success and all your love with shitty calipers
The latter quantifiable like firing off calibers
No global isometric values measure up to having her
And sometimes it might seem I don't care too much
But i'm fighting inside with the feelings you brush
When your hair falls and lips part i'm lost in the rush
A will made of iron still broken by rust
Complacency my biggest fucking enemy
Like really what's the difference between happiness and entropy
Enveloping myself in all the chaos God has sent for me
I tried so hard to finish this but i'm lacking the energy