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Jon Hope - Blood Streams 2

I’m devastated when the love goes
Someone show me where the love goes
Reaching for the sky bullets start to fly
Shooting for the stars sub nosed

My aim is perfection if I’m coming up short it’s a blessing
Im never ashamed you not knowing my name
Just make sure you say that I’m destined

Don’t tell me my culture’s a deficit
Now everyone wanna benefit
White kids doing my shit
Whenever they do it it’s excellent

Whenever I do it it’s noise
They don’t know acknowledge they just avoid
That is okay I do not need validate
To see that my flow is so moist

Oh it’s so wet I’m a poet
I am the truth when you confess
I grew up hard I’m not sorry
My walk in the park is fuckin’ safari

This is more than just a 16
Seen nightmares to lives dreams
Foster homes beat by the police way before I turn 15
This a different kind of drive to make it to the end zone
Niggas can't fuck with me ya style is friend zoned
Every statement said is payment bread
One man band when I rock the ungrateful dead

On God! The tough talk and all that nonsense
Brag about 10 years in the box I did 4 in college
My colors are flying close ones dying
Monkey on my back walking amongst lions

Elephant in the room
I’m the cash cow watch how I move
The world in my palm but nothing to prove
It’s cool to love to win but better to hate to lose

Too many years they ask Hope why you do this for
I’m on some shit and my urine is piss poor
Watching all my peers that gave up goals
Use your kids as an excuse them pay checks took your soul

But I kept goin’ massagin’ my dreams
You can cry me river Im swimming in revenue streams
I dont need a life guard so nobody come
My ocean too deep I mean 4 hunnid and 1

I’ll snitch on a vibe killer I dont care
Tell cousin stiizz this a family affair
Pop champain celebrate divine Providence
But watch for public silence and private compliments
Follow non likers but high key believers
Digital pom poms DM cheerleaders
You’ll be aight tho my shine is the light show
It’s amazing what I see when I choose to keep my eyes closed