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The Verbal Surgeon - Float On (Ft. Inkorrect)

The blunt is so long, my mind is so gone
THC up in my protons, as I float on...

[Verse 1: The Verbal Surgeon]
Colorful soul flow, a handful so soulful
This is raw, you fail to pay attention so you don't know
About the Surgeon and Inkorrect with the intellect
It's dangerous what we possess it's best you watch your step
This is effortless, you can't contest with this
Poet composing sinister sentences; verbal excrement
Pissing excellence, causing damage to your regiment
Disturbing the peace within your residence
I aim to be relevant, the flow is heaven sent
I never cared to make cents since I'd rather make sense
No nonsense I'm just being honest
When you see me feel free to flee, like a bomb threat
My capability of damage is beyond that
Be careful of the words you exchange, I might bomb back
Venomous with the poetry
No controlling what flows from me

[Verse 2: Inkorrect]
THC raps, my notepad bleeds facts
Homie ease back; weak emcees get their G's snatched
OZ's know I need that
No sleep, catch me knee deep creepin' in this here trap
But these tracks are non-profit, still rock it
With energy like a socket, you're not sick
Eight-ball corner pocket
Hit the record shop, cop a vinyl then I chop it
Split a dutch, spin up the exotic, light it take a long hit
Mosh pits with bikers don't hit as hard as my blunts do
Give you the 1,2, pass it you're slumped sayin' uncle
We came to rumble, smokin' a jumbo like Columbo
Pummeling the saxophones, laxin' kickin' classic poems
Every line's a hatchet thrown at your dome
Take the phone out your hand, send you back to home
Send you back to home, back to home