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Tribe One - A Single Bound (All Star)

This is gonna be a bit-
I think this will be a bit more anticipation
And also it's-
We're coming up behind Superman
So it's kinda inviting[?] into the water
He's looking back over his shoulder with us
Saying, yeah, come on

[Verse 1: Tribe One]
And that's one giant leap for mankind
It's the key to a secret they seek but can't find
It's the freedom to reach for the peaks they can't climb
So breathe deep like it might be the last time
That you ever get to see the scenery beneath your Reebok's
And feel the breeze brushed against the leaves upon the treetops
Free from city street blocks to hit the zenith where the leaf[?] stops
And keep climbing 'til you reach the sweet spot
Where you can see that even mountains are mole hills
And bustling towns down on the ground look stone still
Just like a farm out in Smallville
Where everybody knows your name
And the advantage is home field
The little things that limit us
Are gone within an instant
And our differences and distances
Become non existent
When all that's left between us
Is the grand sky, you will believe that a man can fly
[Verse 2: Tribe One]
This is not about a bird or a plane
And this is not about being impervious to pain
It's not about the power to reverse the earth turning
It's about encouraging service over personal gain
And being decent even when it isn't easy or convenient
Cause you're sure to deal with more
Than just the people you agree with
It's easy to repeat it
But you need to really mean it
And i've seen what you can be
When you believe that you can be it
This is for those moments when there's no one around
And there's no gravity grabbing you and holding you down
You can feel a fleeting freedom floating over the ground
My only goal is showing you how
When you can clear your head space
And shed the extra dead weight
Forget your pride and your prejudice and pretend hate
Then you can remember to reach for the sky
And you won't even need me to teach you to fly

[Verse 3: Tribe One]
I never let it bring me down
Cause I can always come back in a single bound
I never let it bring my down
Cause I can always come back in a single bound
They're gonna try to make you keep your feet on the ground
But you can always come back in a single bound
Don't ever let it bring you down
Cause you can always come back in a single bound
Everyone's all-
Always have a day where you want to-
You're feeling great
I know some days
Something comes along and takes ya down
We are human beings; we're imitators
We're human beings
A horse never wants to fly
You know
A fish doesn't want to run
We're all people
Swim in the water
People want to fly
Let's imitate the angels
Let's imitate the best people
Things we can
Conjure in our imagination
Cause if we do we will become them