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The official YouTube channel of Dina Ayada. Dina Ayada is an 18 y/o female artist from Morocco who’s living in Belgium. With her fresh sound and unique looks, she is currently seen as one of the most promising upcoming artists from Europe.Back in 2020, her very first freestyle video on YouTube was an immediate success with over 1 million views. She later got featured on Chuki Beats’ debut album and was listed by ComplexNL as one of the ‘Next Best Female’ Class of 2022. Her new music is highly anticipated by her audience, in Europe as well as overseas. Some of the biggest names in the industry are following her and watching her moves as the is destined to become one of the big stars of tomorrow. Subscribe to Dina Ayada her channel for the latest official music videos, official audio, lyric videos, albums, behind the scenes and live performances.



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