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#GNAGHub | Natsu Fuji Beat | #GNAGGauntlet

#GNAGGauntlet entry. Am I trolling? Who knows?

Instrumental - Natsu Fuji
Lyrics/Mixing - Ohm-I

Last night I jacked off watching PornHub and some OnlyFans
But I jacked off using only hands
So the next time, I'll grab a flashlight that feels realistic, yeah you know the brand
Plus I'm bisexual, so I don't really care if there's no women and it's only mans
I pull my pants down you know the plan
Any night though, I am jerkin' for certain, I go to town, yeah you know it brother
I ain't white though, I ain't jerkin' with Jergens, I'm Black and proud, I use cocoa butter
Started peeping this beat thought of releasing some heat but I got caught up in my feelings man
Started beatin' my meat and released all the skeet I was aiming right up at the ceiling fan
You think I'm out of pocket?
But when I'm in my pockets I be grabbin' my dick
Manual drive I be grabbing the stick
Choke the chicken in the back of a Lyft
When I'm getting busy, better have some patience. Energy on mass activating
Even Einstein couldn't figure out the math equation for the rate of masturbation
I'm Mr. Goodbar. I've give my almonds joy wearing silk today
When I get that feeling, I'll just grab my Snicker and unwrap it till I get the Milky Way
After a Grand nut, I stand up. It's a whole struggle when the lighting's down
Grab a warm towel and I go Boozie on my whole groin when I wipe it down