Ahsan is a male name in Urdu and Persian, coming from the Arabic triconsonantal root Ḥ-S-N, also as the diminutive of Hassan. Given name Ahsan Ayaz (born 1998), Pakistani squash player Ahsan Iqbal, Pakistani politician Ahsan Khan (actor), Pakistani actor Ahsan Malik, Pakistani commander Ahsan Raza, Pakistani first class cricketer Ahsan Watts, teenage soul and R&B singer from Newark, New Jersey Ahsanullah Khan Bahadur, nawab of Dhaka Ahsan Ali (disambiguation)Surname Aitzaz Ahsan, Pakistani barrister and politician Haseeb Ahsan, Pakistani first class cricketer Jaya Ahsan, Bangladeshi actress and producer Jeetu Ahsan, Bangladeshi actor Riaz Ahsan, Pakistani statistician and mathematician Saleyha Ahsan, British medical doctor, presenter and journalist Syed Mohammad Ahsan, Pakistan Navy admiral and politician

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